Public Comment Open for Trump EPA Regulations Rollback

With only 20 days left, the Federal Register website has logged only 19,000 comments.

In February, President Trump signed an executive order asking federal agencies to look at regulations that could be rescinded or repealed. This was the executive order that stated for each new regulation, two should be repealed.

As part of the process, the Environmental Protection Agency is asking the public to weigh in. The public comment period is open until May 15, 2017. Comments can be made here.

Most of the comments support the EPA’s results and mission since its inception in 1970, and many said we need stronger regulations to protect the environment.

The public comment section lists 2,888 comments. When there are mass emails, or very similar, scripted appeals, the Agency will sometimes post a representative sample, rather than the entire group of comments/letters. The majority of comments are full of concern about our environment and the effects of climate change.

One anonymous commenter wrote:

“We need more environmental protections and regulations. As someone who lives near Lake Michigan, I am very concerned that any roll back of regulations will adversely affect the Great Lakes region. It is undeniable that the climate is changing and there is excessive proof that this is due to human behavior. Please allow the EPA to continue to regulate and monitor how we interact with the environment. It is well worth short term economic loss (if necessary) in order to preserve long term environmental benefits. Thank you.”

Congressman Tim Walberg, a Republican from Michigan’s 7th District, wrote:

Rolling back environmental regulations is the worse possible thing a government can do other than starting an unnecessary war. The EPA regulations are the only thing keeping greed from harming our air, water and land. This rollback is a shortsighted plan to exploit the earth for corporate gain. The environment shouldn’t be reduced to a partisan issue. Having a clean country should a something all Americans are proud of but instead, it’s been used as a political tool. In the 80s President Reagan was a big environmentalist and President H.W. Bush was as well. Why now is the Republican establishment against the environment? This rule stinks of greedy corporate influence, creating this rule means they are bought and paid for.”

Another anonymous commenter wrote:

“EPA regulations should be expanded, not reduced. The life of our planet is at stake, not to mention our health. Allowing people and corporations to pollute at will is not in the best interests of either.”

If you have questions about the commenting process, you can contact Sarah Rees, Director, Office of Regulatory Policy and Management, Office of Policy, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Mail Code 1803A, Washington, DC 20460, Phone: (202) 564-1986;